Statement of Faith

The Bible

  • The 66 books of the Bible are the written Word of God.
  • The original writings are divinely inspired and inerrant.
  • The Scriptures have been miraculously preserved with the passing of time.
  • The Bible is the supreme authority in everything it teaches.
  • The Word of God is eternal and unchanging, making it both current and relevant.
  • The final guide to the interpretation of Scripture is Scripture itself.
  • The Bible teaches us about God, ourselves, and the world around us.


  • There is one God in three Persons: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • God is the Creator of the universe and the sustainer of all things.
  • God reveals Himself through nature, through the Bible, and through His Son, Jesus Christ.
  • God is loving, righteous, just, holy, infinitely powerful, and infinitely wise.

Jesus Christ

  • Jesus Christ is the image of the invisible God, which is to say, He is Himself very God; He took upon Himself our nature, being conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary
  • He lived a perfect life, died as a sacrifice for our sins, rose bodily from the dead, ascended to heaven, and is currently seated at the right hand of God the Father.
  • He will personally come again to receive His church, to judge the living and the dead, to establish on earth a universal kingdom, and establish everlasting righteousness to the glory of God.


  • Our first parents Adam (the first man) and Eve (the first woman) were given life and made in the image of God by special creation. The creation of humankind was God’s crowning act in creation, thus setting humankind apart from and above all other kinds of life.
  • Adam and Eve’s subsequent fall into sin is the basis for the necessity of salvation for humankind.
  • All humankind are sinners, inherently from Adam and individually (by choice), and therefore subject to God’s wrath and condemnation.
  • Death both physical and spiritual entered this world as a direct consequence of man’s sin.
  • Freedom from the penalty and power of sin is available to people only through the sacrificial death and shed blood of Jesus Christ and His bodily resurrection from the dead.
  • Salvation is a gift received by faith alone in Christ alone and is evidenced by the individual’s repentance, recognition of the death of Christ as full payment for sin, and acceptance of the risen Christ as Savior and Lord.
  • The Holy Spirit is active in bringing a person to salvation and subsequently works in each believer to produce the fruits of righteousness.
  • Those who do not believe in Christ are subject to everlasting conscious punishment, but believers enjoy eternal life in Christ.

Contemporary Issues

Sanctity of Life – All human life is sacred and must be protected from conception until natural death. The abortion of an unborn child or the active taking of human life by euthanasia is a violation against the sanctity of human life and is a crime against God and humanity.

Racism – Scripture declares there is only one human race! Since we are all descendants of Adam and Eve and we are all one blood, there is no basis for racism. Outward distinctives such as skin colour, ethnic background or gender do not affect individual worth before God.

Morality – That which is right or wrong is defined by the unchanging Word of God, and not by the changing norms of society.